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holiday villa in tuscany - Wedding in Tuscany - Weddings Tuscany Italy

Ex convent of the monks Cappuccini in the 1600,nel XVII sec. The Villa was restored by some owners, as long as in 1860 It was purchased by Silvestreo Nencini, from Monsummano Terme (PISTOIA) that he married Teresa Benvenuti nephew of Pietro Benvenuti, famous painter from  neoclassicism period  “Renovator of the pictorial art in Tuscany”; Manager in Florence of the arts academy.    

Silvestro Nencini, had 2 children Ermenegildo and Isabella. Ermenegildo died in 1900th, and the villa passed in inheritance to Isabella, After few years she married Giovanni Rossi Mattei, they had 3 children Assunta, Fausta (died young)e Antonio, that he inherited the villa. Antonio Rossi  Mattei  had then 2 children Ermenegildo and Antoinette, Ermenegildo married Liliana Fornasari in 1945 and it had 1 daughter name Dora Rossi Mattei, the actual owner of the Villa. She got married In the 1972 She got married with the  doctor Lorenzo Masieri, from which it had Liliana and Dante.  

The coat of arms: The name of the family Rossi it is represented by a narrow mountain of 6 gold tops, with a swallow and accompanied in stung by an increasing silver uppercut. The name Mattei it is represented by an eagle crowned of black and for half 3 files blue and silver.  The surname Rossi Matte its  originates from Rossi, Nobile lineage  from the 1664, in 1878 it became Rossi Mattei thanks to an uncle Sebastiano Mattei, manager of the Bank Tuscany, that he adopted his nephew Giovanni Rossi, to which it gave his last name Mattei with regal decree of the king OF Italy Vittorio Emanuele II

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